The Most Difficult intervention – Marijuana- Really?

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People often ask me “What is the most difficult type of intervention.”  They are often caught completely by surprise when I tell them that a person abusing marijuana  can be the most difficult person to get help for.
First of all,marijuana is not a harmless drug, and there are certainly many people who almost everyone (except perhaps themselves) would describe as addicts.
These people smoke marijuana all day long.  They have little or no energy for working or taking care of themselves.  They are sometimes not able to do more than take care of the basics in their lives – if that.
When confronted about their marijuana use they will argue that it is being legalized and that it doesn’t hurt anyone.
Further, treatment centers report that some of these people can be resistant to treatment for many of the same reasons.  Marijuana takes months, even up to a year to get out of their sytsem.  And if you are an older person the strength of marijuana today is up to ten times as powerful as what you might of used in your younger days.
All of this makes Marijuana a difficult problem to honestly confront.  Sometimes a person with a so called “hard drug” addiction like heroin or cocaine can be easier to convince to get help as they are not holding onto the illusion that their drug of choice is harmless.