The Family

Intervention - if you care, is there really any other choice?

Friends and family gather together to help the addicted person. The process is designed to convey love and concern, not to vent any anger or resentment that may exist. Each person has an opportunity to state their concerns, supported by actual events that led to the concern, and their desire for the troubled individual to seek treatment immediately.


The impact of an intervention is in its ability to present and create a “crisis” in the addicted person’s life to a point where the person sees treatment as the only option. If the person chooses not to engage, then some significant consequences go into effect; in general, the participants withdraw their support until the person seeks help. This is not punishment but an attempt to protect themselves from the abusive behavior that an addicted person engages in on a regular basis. The family cannot control the drug or alcohol use. They can, however, control their own response to its use.


The primary goal of any intervention is to motivate the person to seek immediate treatment. There are many reasons for attempting the intervention even if the person doesn’t engage in treatment.

Intervention Benefits for Participants

    • The enabling system is destroyed and the addict will find it difficult continuing without their chief enablers.
    • Family and friends receive drug and alcohol education so they can better deal with addiction in the future.
    • Participants are informed of locally available resources.
    • The conspiracy of silence is broken. Secrets are exposed.
    • The family is connected to various support groups (for example, A.A. and Al-Anon). They learn about addiction and the recovery process.
    • Contingency plans may be generated. The addicted person may want to try it their own way initially; however, if a relapse occurs then agreed upon consequences follow through upon.

Successful Interventions will work with you to ensure a compassionate, loving and non-judgmental intervention.