Services We Provide


Interventions are what we specialize in.  Interventions are what we do. We have been doing interventions for over 20 years and have a combined experience of 80 years of helping families navigate their way through active addiction. We have handled well over 500 interventions with a success rate of over 95 percent.

Everyone on the Successful Interventions team is committed to providing the highest quality of service to you, your loved one and your family. Our goal is to respond to your calls promptly and listen carefully in a caring and nonjudgmental fashion. We want to understand, to educate, and to deliver excellence in intervention care. We are committed to making a difference by being respectful and communicating clearly with you.

Here are some of the ways we can help facilitate an intervention.  All are equally effective and depending on the circumstances.

(Please see our Intervention Style page for more description)

1. Invitational Approach:  You do not need to lie or deceive your loved one to get them help.  Many people worry about having to lie, trick or deceive your loved one to get him into treatment.  We are the only interventionists in Canada who have, as one of our approaches, an open, honest method of intervention called Family Systemic Style. This approach is proven effective in getting your loved one the help that he or she needs as well as in-depth support for the family. You won’t need to lie or deceive in any way. Please ask us to explain how we can help your loved one and your family with this method.

2. Surprise Approach:  We have also done hundreds of interventions using this more traditional approach – the Surprise Method – with a high success rate. James has been featured on the TV show Interventions facilitating an intervention of this style.  Sometimes the Surprise Method is the best approach, and when it is, we are experts at helping your loved one choose a path of recovery as a result of this method.

3. Tailored Approach: By combing the various methods that we have been trained in, we create a unique intervention tailored to your specific situation.  We draw on techniques from the Arise, Johnson, Family Systemic, and Family Meeting methods.  Clients appreciate that we are professionally trained in various methods of interventions.  We intervene on individuals ranging from physicians, dentist, airline pilots, youth and young adults living at home, homeless people to famous musicians and movie directors.   We have done interventions for almost every type of person, in any type of life situation.

Our father was supposedly a very famous person but he wouldn’t listen to us. He was dying and telling us he didn’t’ have a problem. We didn’t think anybody could handle him because he was so powerful and full of himself. Successful Interventions was able to get him to accept the help he needed. We can’t be more grateful to Successful Interventions – they were so skilled at helping us and him to turn his life around.

My son is very smart but his life was drifting away. He was living at home, or down the street, stuck in addiction and no hope. The Successful Interventions team took over and helped him achieve the life that he always wanted – now he is a real person. We are so happy and grateful to Successful Interventions – and so is he.

Our commitment to designing an intervention approach that will work with your family is one of the reasons that we are successful in helping 95 percent or our clients get help. Also, we don’t give up. We give you a written guarantee that we will work with you until your loved one gets help. With that guarantee in mind, what can you possibly lose?

Follow-up and Support

We provide long-term commitment and support. This means we simply don’t do an intervention and then disappear from your life. Many of our clients are happily surprised to find out that not only do we give them a guarantee to work with them until their loved one gets help, we actually continue to work with them, the treatment centre and their loved one for six months after being retained.
In addition, we can:

    1. Escort your loved one to treatment
    1. Liaise with the treatment center so that they can do the best job for your loved one and provide ongoing support if problems arise during treatment
    1. Provide sobriety coaching
    1. Provide counselling and support
    1. Referral to appropriate resources such as legal, housing options, medical, secondary recovery placement, and follow-up counselling

Addictions and Problems we Intervene on:

We have over 80 years of combined experience handling most addiction and mental health problems, including:

    • Drug and alcohol problems (meth/fentanyl/crystal meth/ etc.)
    • Disordered eating including bulimia, anorexia and compulsive overeating
    • Computer and social media addiction
    • Sex addiction
    • Issues facing seniors
    • Mental health challenges

We Care

We come from a place of integrity and work till your loved one gets the help he needs. We provide professional guidance and support throughout every aspect of the intervention, letting our clients know that they are being served by competent and caring professionals.
Recognizing that each intervention is a unique experience for the family or business, we believe what works for one group, may not work for another. Nothing is taken for granted and we ensure that everything is done to make the intervention a success.

We will travel anywhere in North America or Internationally to facilitate an intervention.

Our Interventions are Successful

Successful Interventions has handled over 500 interventions with 95% of those resulting in the troubled individual getting help. Even if the person does not get help immediately, positive changes begin within the family:

    • Participants become more capable of dealing with the situation
    • Loved ones learn to detach with love from the addict’s behavior
    • The family learns to set healthy boundaries
    • Everyone in the family system becomes healthier

The bar is raised for the troubled person, who often enters treatment soon and we continue working with you and the family.

The result is good for the family, and always good for the troubled individual.

We thought our situation was hopeless, nobody could get help for Bob. It really seemed like a lost case. Also, his children, wife and friends were all dying of the pain he was causing. In the end we figured we had nothing to lose and we are overjoyed that we did. Bob has gotten help and is living a clean life. WE can’t be more grateful to the team at Successful Interventions. They were incredible at getting Bob help from the beginning to the end.