Family Healing – Family Reconstruction – Family Therapy

left-column-pic-3 Do you wish you had that conversation with your father before he passed away?  Are people in your family not getting along? Are there family secrets that nobody is talking about?  Do you have a good family but sense that there is an inner deepness that the family is  not getting to?    Or do you just want help talking about certain family issues?  There are literally thousands of reasons why almost every family could benefit from working with a trained professional to help deal with the underlying family issues.  At Successful Interventions we are pleased to announce that we have started a program of working with families to deal with all of these things and to work towards developing a stronger, healthier family – even when addiction is not the main problem.   We start with an intensive weekend workshop and support you over a one year period to develop into the family you were truly meant to be.  From working with families for the past 15 years we have seen that working with the family can be much more powerful and transformational than simply working with the individual. We can accomplish  in one weekend of family work what might take months, or even years,  of individual therapy.