Do I need an Interventionist?

Do I Need an Interventionist

The statements below may reflect how you feel about your situation involving addiction. A professional interventionist can work with you, the addicted individual, and your family to bring about positive change. The results of an intervention are good for the family, and always good for the troubled individual.

  • You are frustrated and angry with what addiction has done to your family.
  • You need help bringing the family together to deal with the issue.
  • You need relief from the constant worry brought on by the addiction.
  • You don’t know how to deal with the addicted person’s continuous denial.
  • You struggle for clarity and reason because of your emotional involvement.
  • At times you lose hope that things can improve.
  • Some days you feel the problem will simply fix itself.
  • You can no longer manage the chaos brought on by addiction.
  • You need clear information about treatment centres and other resources.

Troubled individuals are often not capable of rational self-assessment and are unlikely to seek help for themselves. Those of us who care can be influential in moving them towards a better life.

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