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The Most Difficult intervention – Marijuana- Really?

People often ask me “What is the most difficult type of intervention.”  They are often caught completely by surprise when I tell them that a person abusing marijuana  can be the most difficult person to get help for. First of all,marijuana is not a harmless drug, and there are certainly many people who almost everyone (except perhaps […]

Family Healing – Family Reconstruction – Family Therapy

 Do you wish you had that conversation with your father before he passed away?  Are people in your family not getting along? Are there family secrets that nobody is talking about?  Do you have a good family but sense that there is an inner deepness that the family is  not getting to?    Or do […]

Jade Seabrook Joins Successful Interventions

We are  pleased to announce that Jade Seabrook has joined Successful Interventions.  Jade brings a wealth of experience to her work with us.  She also brings new ideas and energy to our profession.. Jade is a fully qualified board certified interventionist and is member of the Association of Intervention Specialists and Network of Independent Interventionists. […]

Chasing a Goal With Seconds to Spare

The following story describes how James Dunn, having found recovery over 19 years ago, was able to deal with his alcoholism and develop strength and confidence. He has been able to transfer these new-found qualities to other areas of his life; running marathons is just one example. Coming around the last corner the pain was […]